January 17, 2019
Ebert Construction is a full service company in just about every way imaginable. They offer construction management services as well as real estate services. In fact, the wide range of services available to their clients and customers gives them the ability to assist with virtually any aspect of the commercial construction process. Their general brokerage services help to market the properties they build for sale and lease, but they also analyze market opportunities to get you the best deal. By performing financial modeling and conducting thorough market research, they can develop the property for its fullest potential.

For all intents and purposes, Ebert Construction is primarily known as a commercial general contractor in Minnesota. However, to cal them that is very limited. Besides building structures, they also serve as a construction management and real estate services company, as well. A family-owned business that the family has operated since 1968, many hundreds of commercial buildings have been constructed, remodeled, restored, and converted by Ebert Construction. The contracting company also specialize in a number of construction and maintenance services, including concrete, masonry and carpentry services.